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visun royal yacht club

Sanya David Chau International Yacht Club Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful South China Sea Pearl – Sanya. Its mountain edge of the water, built in Sanya River estuary and the Sanya Valentine Hill Luhuitou river the sea. Here, the vast waters, pleasant climate all year round for boating sea. Investment business by the [...]

Shenzhen Bay Marina Club

Shenzhen Bay Marina Club (SBM) is the only yacht club on the west coast of Shenzhen which possesses the international port of entry. SBM is a top class private club managed by the internationally renowned management company catering for the needs of the most prestigious and successful elites in the society.

Address:Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

52 West Coast Ferry Road Singapore 126887 Position (WGS 84) Lat 01° 17.6′N Long 103° 45.7′E

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC)

The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club is the oldest club in Singapore and a club owned by its members. Founded in 1826, the history of the RSYC goes back more than 181 years to an elegant era when the officers and men of Sir Stamford Raffles were our earliest members. Following on the tradition when [...]

SeaDream Yacht Club contact

United States / Canada: 800–707–4911 or 305–631–6100

Xiangshan International Yacht Club, where?

Xiangshan International Yacht Club, the Fragrant Hills project is located east of Xiamen Island dock shelter, located in the coastal tourist area, and Little Kinmen island across the sea. The land west of the International Conference Centre, the International Tennis Center, the south of Xiamen International Exhibition Center, in front of Little Kinmen in Taiwan.

Introduction of Xiamen Xiangshan International Yacht Club

Xiangshan International Yacht Club The total area of ​​701,097.8 square meters by the sea, including the reclamation area of 25 square meters, total construction area of ​​563,555 square meters. Project is unique in that most are reclamation projects throughout the project, the entire project planning supporting a landmark five-star hotel and 5A office, SOHO, unique [...]

Shanghai Yacht Club is still

Shanghai Yacht Club is still one of the largest operators in Shanghai on the Huangpu River sightseeing boat business reception, high-end customer business services, leisure, special boat meals, real estate development as one of the major foreign-related tourism enterprises. Shanghai Yacht Club is still in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system formed by [...]

Dameisha International Yacht Club

Shenzhen City Boat Club was founded in 2007, located in the prestigious Sheraton Shenzhen Dameisha Resort, the main second-hand boats, yachts and motor boats trading; concurrently yacht rentals and a variety of water sports, including: Luxury yacht, sailing, yachts, motor boats, kayak rental and sightseeing diving submarine. Another long-term acquisition of second-hand boats, yachts and [...]

Perth Yacht Club Shi

Shi Perth Yacht Club is the largest along the Shanghai Huangpu River Yacht Club, Perth is also the official yacht company in order to devote themselves to build a large yacht enthusiasts, the set of high-end clubs, yacht charters and yacht marina in one, private, professional and comprehensive yacht Club. Yacht Club, the club has [...]